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      Hey, I’m Katelynn! I currently operate my business in a lil’ salon suite located in Plano, TX. I specialize in all things hair color, corrections, and extensions. 

    Once graduating from the Aveda Arts and Sciences Institute in September of 2019, I received my cosmetology license, and a month later began the biggest journey of my life… Opening my very own business. I’ve enjoyed every moment of what I’ve turned into my career.

    Other than getting to be creative everyday, I would have to say my absolute favorite part of doing hair is the confidence I am able to bring to people. I believe hair is the crown we’re always wearing! It says so much about you as a person, and when we don’t look good, we don’t feel good. I don’t like to say I’m only a hairstylist though… I am also a magician, scientist, therapist, entrepreneur, social media marketing manager, accountant, and so much more. Whatever you want to call me, just know I am always excited to get my hands in some HAIR!!

For every friend that you refer, you and your friend will receive $10 off your next servic
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For every friend that you refer, you and your friend will receive $10 off your next servic
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Katelynn has done such an amazing job at taking my hair from box dye red to blonde and then coloring on that. The haircuts she has given me have always been exactly what I have envisioned. She is the only hair stylist I trust anymore after being disappointed so many times in the past before I started seeing her. I no longer trust anyone else with my hair. She always does everything I want and more. 

-Taylor M. 

I go to Katelynn because I know when we’re finished, I’m really going to like the result. Katelynn always ensures that I am comfortable, and she lets me know what she’s doing every step of the way. It’s nice to know what she’s doing, when she’s doing it. On top of that, Katelynn is always positive, easy to talk to, and knows what she’s doing. I will always go back to her!

-Josh S. 

BEST ever!!!  Truly made me feel more confident in myself and i get compliments daily!!! Couldn’t recommend enough 💖

-Chloe G. 

Katelynn is very thorough and easy to talk to! Her passion behind her work is evident in every haircut. I try to recommend her whenever any of my friends need a new hair person! 

-Caegan J. 

Age, bad color choices and cancer ravaged my hair.  Katelynn brought it back and then some!  Highly recommend.  My daughters love her too. 

-Shannon D. 

Before Katelynn, I had gone to several people who just didn’t get my hair. It never turned out how I was hoping. I thought my hair was the problem and it was just unable to be how I wanted it. After my first appointment with Katelynn I couldn’t believe how amazing my hair looked. I had never been so confident with my hair. She took the inspiration pictures I gave her and made customized something that would look best on me and it turned out AMAZING! She exceeded my expectations. You’re doing yourself a favor by booking with her, I promise! 

-Abbie M. 

i’ve been seeing katelynn since january of 2021 and every single time i have come to see her i leave with a boost of confidence and stunning hair🤩 she’s not just like every other stylist, you can tell she puts so much thought and effort into her work. i can’t imagine going to see anybody else to get my hair done. she truly is amazing at her craft and very genuine with her clients. i’d consider her more than my stylist, she is a really good friend!! 10/10 would recommend!! thank you for all the times you made me feel gorgeous when i was having some of the hardest days. it really goes to show how far a good stylist like her can make all the difference in your life. 💖💗

-Jennifer B. 

I don’t ever know what I’m going to look like when I leave Katelynn’s chair but I have never been disappointed! I like to send Katelynn some ideas of what I imagine for my hair to look like and let her add her own creative spin to it. The end result is always 10x better than the inspiration pictures!

-Angela F. 

My experience with Katelynn was so different than with any other stylist that I had before. She is always so attentive on what the goal is for your new look but also makes sure to keep your hair healthy. I have walked out with my hair looking and feeling amazing and my hair still looks so good weeks after my last appointment. Also does not hurt that she is great to talk to throughout your appointment. I also commend her for her punctuality which I really appreciate! 

-Brenda P. 

Katelynn is fantastic! She really takes her time to get to know what you are looking for in a cut and color.  We have since branched out and have added extensions to my hair, I love them!   She’s willing to change things up when I want to go darker or lighter and she can do both effortlessly.  My hair has never been healthier.  I highly recommend you let Katelynn do her magic on your hair.  I couldn’t be happier, and you will be too!

-Sherry C. 

Katelynn is absolutely the most talented hair colorist I have been to. She is extremely knowledgeable and takes pride in creating her client's hair vision. She is a true master of her craft.  I can’t speak highly enough of her and her ability. My hair looks and feels amazing. Excellent hair products, scalp massages and the appointment starts on time.If you’re looking for an extremely talented hair stylist that makes you feel and look fabulous, Katelynn Summers is your stylist. Thank you Katelynn for all that you do. Going to your salon is a treat I give to myself every 5 favorite days are “no gray” days!  

-Sharon K.

Katelynn is the most versatile and talented stylist I have ever encountered! From my hair cuts and crazy ideas, to my boyfriends haircut and style, my sisters color, and even answers to my constant texting about my hair, she has it all. For 3 years now there is no one else allowed to touch my hair, and even when moving to college 3 hours away, it will remain that way. She is so knowledgeable and is always so nice about expressing/teaching hair health and everything she does. Constant compliments on every new style, length, installation, everything -- all due to her.

-Sol C.

“Katelynn is an outstanding colorist, very attuned to choosing hues to complement skin tones.  She is fun to work with, a real sweetheart”.

-Suzanne S. 

Everything was amazing. I have never had a better experience

-Ashley M. 

She’s amazing! Great work! Definitely number 1! Will always come back!!😁

-Leah H.

Great service, got exactly what I was looking for. Love my hair 

-Norma O. 

I’ve been going to Katelynn for a little over 3 years now, and I have yet to be disappointed. I came to her with virgin hair and one day she told me I would look great with a balayage. Fast forward 3 years and I finally made the appointment to dye my hair for the first time ever. I could not be happier with the results and she made me feel so comfortable by answering all of my nonstop questions. I could not have chosen anyone better to deal with my curls and dye my virgin hair other than her! 

-Jey E. 

I’ve know Katelynn for as long as I can remember, not only is she family but an amazing cosmetologist. I love her mens cuts and literally will never let anyone else touch my hair. Truly my favorite person to go to and her vibe is always amazing!  

-Ryan C. 

Great job and LOVE my new color. 

-Lauren S.

Katelynn is awesome, just by being herself and a great artist both in the chair and outside! Making the awesome colors she does regardless of it being very spontaneous or your natural blonde/brown head, you can see every bit of blended color in all the hair color she does! She makes anything anyone wants to do to their hair come to life. I wanted to go red and step out of my comfort zone, she made it happen from the hours of getting the blonde out, to me looking like a carrot top, to a dark red and several times of going more red, she never disappoints! 

-Kaitlyn W. 

Katelynn is the best of the best. Her talent can’t be described in words, she truly has a gift that not many people have. Not one color specialist has been able to achieve the “perfect shade” of blonde for me, until Katelynn got her hands on me. She did my color and styled my hair for my wedding  as well as my makeup and boy did she deliver. On the one day you’re supposed to feel your prettiest, I felt the most beautiful. Katelynn is so talented, that I’ve even let her experiment with my hair and every time…she kills it! At this point, I’d basically trust her with my life. I could go on and on about her talent, but you’ll just have to see it for yourself. Do yourself a favor and book with Katelynn. 

-Lynlee D. 

I’ve been going to Katelynn ever since she was still in cosmetology school. I have always trusted her when in her chair and she always goes out of her way to make me look the best! She’s amazing at knowing what you’re comfortable with and always finds ways to surprise me with the perfect color! I’ve gone from rose gold, to purple, to pink, and back to blonde everywhere in between and she nails it every time! From color correction to having the perfect shag, I can always believe I can get out of the chair looking nothing more than perfect.

-Gracyn W. 

I’ve been going to Katelynn for almost 3 years now and I have never been happier with my hair. She keeps my hair healthy, looking stylish, and always makes sure that I leave absolutely happy. I have a lot of crazy ideas when it comes to the color of my hair, and she never disappoints in fulfilling my vision! Most of the time I just show her inspiration pictures and allow her to take creative integrity, and I leave the salon feeling confident and beautiful. She supports me when I make drastic changes, and (thankfully) keeps me from making any poor decisions when it comes to my hair. Katelynn knows what she’s doing and I completely and utterly trust her with my hair. As long as she stays in Texas, I’ll always remain loyal to her and I believe that anyone who goes to her will feel the same way I do.

-Alaina B. 

Katelynn is amazing when it comes to doing hair! I wouldn’t trust anyone else with my hair other than her. She’s very knowledgeable about what she’s doing and informs me on the technique as she does it. You can tell she truly cares about her clients, and wants to maintain the integrity of their hair throughout the process. I’ve been to other salons many times and I've never fully gotten what I was asking for, but every time I see Katelynn, she goes above and beyond. She gives me more than what I asked for, and I leave feeling ecstatic every single time! She’s a natural when it comes to cut, color, style, and all. She really does have an artistic hand!

-Rachel C. 

I have really light blonde hair (naturally) and had never had it dyed or considered dying it before. Over the summer I decided I wanted to temporarily go rose gold for something fun and different. I was really nervous to get it done because I didn’t know how it would turn out, but after knowing Katelynn for several years and hearing so many great things from everyone who has gotten their hair done by her, I went for it with no hesitation. It turned out beautifully and I got so many compliments on it. When and if I want to color my hair again, I’ll never trust anyone else to do it because Katelynn is such a talented colorist. 

-Taylor C. 

Best. Stylist.  Ever.

-Ryan S.

2901 N Central Expressway, Suite #125
Plano, TX 75075

Sunday: Closed

Monday: Closed

Tuesday: Closed

Wednesday: 11:00am - 5:00pm

Thursday: 11:00am -5:00pm

Friday: 11:00am - 7:00pm

Saturday: 9:30am - 3:30pm

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